First Timer?

No doubt there are many questions that you would like answered, and rightly so. We have the answers to some of the most common questions asked by our first time clients.

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Are treatments safe?
There are risks with everything and these will be discussed at your consultation. However, risks are minimised by taking a careful, unhurried approach and through experience, knowledge and best practice policies.
Do treatments hurt?
Everyone has different experiences. Most people tolerate treatments very easily. However, there are many options that we can explore to ensure the process is relatively pain free.
Will I look like I’ve had treatment, like the people you see on TV?
Most people want to achieve a look that says ‘you look well’ rather than ‘what have you had done’. A combination of experience, expertise and appropriate product choice will ensure natural, appropriate results. If something more dramatic is required, then this is often better undertaken in stages. In any event I will avoid excessive treatment, even when requested.
Will I achieve the result I want?
The result you want is the result we agree at consultation. If further treatment is required to achieve it then this will be done at no extra cost. Sometimes this is also the safest approach too.
Will you need to take my medical history?
Yes, absolutely. If you are taking medications, please bring a list with you.
How often do you perform the treatments you do?
For most treatments, every day, usually multiple times per day.
Are you insured?
Insurance is comprehensive and details are available in reception for inspection.
Are you regulated?
It is important that you choose a regulated practitioner and check their credentials. Until the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners comes into being next year, the sole form of regulation is through the statutory professional bodies.
I am regulated through the NMC and my PIN is: 85i2308e
These details can be checked at
Do you have treatments yourself?
Perhaps not as often as I would like but then I have never provided a treatment that I have not tried on myself first.

Would you like to talk to Mr Andrew Rankin in person?

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